Your Guide to Moving: Hacks that Help

Published | Written by Liz Kaye

Packing up your things and crossing off all of the last minute to-do's on your checklist can be as daunting as the physical move itself. We've compiled a list of hacks that are sure to relieve some stress and point you in the right direction as you navigate your next move. You'll find everything from tips on packing your items securely, to tricks on how to best keep track of the steps you need to take throughout the process.


Tik Tok isn't just for Gen Z'ers and difficult dances any longer. In fact, you can run across great accounts that help you in real-life scenarios. This Tik Tok account by Paige More went viral after she shared a simple solution to her move across the country -- sticky notes. Counting down each day you have until the big move and allocating tasks to each sticky note and day can break down your to-do list and make it much easier to tackle (without forgetting vital tasks). This is especially helpful in a household where the members share very different lifestyles and handle stress differently. Hold yourself accountable in a way that isn't unfair to you with the free moving day guide located at the link in her bio. This guide is a PDF example of how to break down what tasks can be done on each day in a completely customizable format to best fit your personal needs.


It can be extremely tempting to unload every box from your moving truck into a big pile on the living room floor. Instead, unload your labeled boxes directly into the room they belong in. This will eliminate moving your belongings more than actually needed and it makes it much easier to tackle and complete one room at a time.


This box consists of everything you will need the first few nights you move into your new home. By the time you unload and potentially even unpack the rooms in your home, the last thing you'll want to do is scramble to find toothbrushes and your bedding. Putting the few items you will need the first five or so nights in one to two boxes will alleviate the stress of feeling like you have to go through each box immediately upon arrival.


There are several packing hacks using items you already own that won't involve spending extra on moving supplies. Paige suggests utilizing your socks to safely cover your glassware which adds an extra layer of protection paper can't provide! Placing coffee filters between your plates will prevent them from scratching and a layer of cardboard between will protect them from breaking. When it comes to the clothes hanging in your closet, don't even take your items off of the hangers! Utilize a small trash bag and tighten and tie the loops around your hanger hooks. When you get where you're going, hang your clothes back on the rack and simply remove the bag. Remove the caps of any opened containers (I.e. shampoo, cleaning supplies etc.) You can then place a plastic bag over the openings and put the caps back on. This will prevent any spills as you travel. Have loose silverware in your utensil holder? There's no need to separate and pack the two individually. Use plastic wrap to cover the entire holder and then place directly in your moving box. When you get to your new home, all you need to do is remove the wrap before placing directly into your kitchen drawer.


Did you know The Salisbury Team offers special incentives for our clients? We want this process to be seamless for you! One of our offerings includes taking your donations off of your hands. All you have to do is leave behind or pack any of your unwanted gently used clothes, small appliances or decór and TST will do the rest! There are several local donation stores in the area that we utilize to give back to those in need within our lake community.

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