Home Trends We're Loving This Spring

Published | Written by Erin Epperson

From Tik Tok trends to Better Homes and Garden Magazines, everywhere we've turned this month there's been spring design inspiration. We're totally here for it, too. If only we could convince the weather to consistently stay in the 70-degree range...but, alas, we digress. This week, we compiled our favorite home trends circulating the interweb to get you too in the spring spirit. Keep reading below for the trends we're tracking this month.


We're seeing an array of neutrals this spring, but you can't get by without some pop of color. Cue the brass detail. Especially viral are these floor length mirrors with articulate frame detail. They do come at a cost and many on Tik Tok are getting crafty to swing this trending look by thrifting and painting the mirrors themselves. Pair this with rattan bowls and light hangings and your home is a vintage-esque inspired escape. 


Fitting with the more "homely" feel homeowners are leaning towards, you'll find a lot more people incorporating curves into their interiors -- particularly, in their furniture choices. Many are straying from hard, modern edges and vying for kinder and more inviting shapes.


The more time we've spent at home this past year, the more personal our spaces have become. Maybe you've seen floating shelves, maybe a free standing bookcase of sorts -- on it? A meticulous display of items perfectly arranged for an aesthetic, fit to show off your personality and favorite pieces. Your own home gallery if you will. Conveniently enough, a nice display shelf makes for the perfect Zoom background. 


Bright spaces are important and as we work towards making our living spaces comfortable and homely, functionality is still key. Fixtures can be a major focal point in a room and allow all other details to be minimalistic and simple. Many homeowners are opting for smart lighting options that allow you to set lighting schedules to fit the ambience and needs of your day.


Houseplants have become fashionable bringing pops of bright, lively energy to our muted tones color palette. Accenting a room with a plant not only screams spring has sprung, but freshens the air in the home by filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen.

Love it or kick these trends to the curb? What are your thoughts on some of the decor inspo making its way into homes this spring? What trends are you loving the most? We want to hear from you! Drop your responses in the comments below.

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