2021 Fall Home Design Trends

2021 Fall Home Design Trends

Published | Written by Erin Epperson

August 20, 2021

With Fall just around the corner, it is time to spruce up your space. We are going from light and airy interiors to warm and cozy areas. Read below to see some of the upcoming home design trends and how to make simple small changes to transform your space from cool to cozy.

Textured Fabrics

With cooler weather comes the greater need for comfort, that's why cable-knit sweaters are such a universal staple in fashion and textured blankets are always great to have around the house during cooler months. 

While thick textured fabrics can be worn, they also can be displayed around your home to indicate warmth. 

Contrasting Colors

Although different tones of orange have been popular over the years in fall decor, try spicing things up by adding a contrasting earth-toned blue. This creates depth and adds variance. The best part about redecorating your table for fall is that there are many different replaceable elements. The vase, runner, silverware, napkins, plates, and centerpiece can all be interchanged.

Keep it Neutral

If you're afraid of color, or just enjoy simplicity, keeping the tones of your space neutral can still create a cozy Autumn escape. Whites and tans create an elegant, clean area that doesn't stop short of festive. The best thing about staying neutral with fall decor is that if your home already has neutral colors, a few small items can be added to change the feel of the entire room, and it all matches.


The biggest staple of them all is, of course, pumpkins. Although repetitive, pumpkins can be displayed in many different ways, keeping them far from boring. Painting pumpkins not only can be a ton of fun but also has unlimited possibilities for design. Pumpkins can be painted to any pattern or color to fit your existing design theme perfectly. 

Fabric pumpkins are also a great way to change the ever-lasting pumpkin fall decor trend. They don't spoil and add color and texture.

Glass Jars and Candles

Try adding jars of different heights and widths to a mantle or table. This creates an antique look but can be modernized by adding pampas grass, pumpkins, and candles.

Fall Florals

While plain pampas grass was all the rage this spring and summer, it can be altered to better fit the upcoming season. Try adding orange, peach, or white flowers to the mix to create variation.

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